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Banquet room

A small, but modern, banquet room 

There cannot be a local or a long-time tourist who has never drank or eaten in the Säli (banquet room). It was always a really cosy place, and so popular that there were hardly ever enough chairs available.

Since last year, the new banquet room has been providing more space, more light and even more cosiness!

Restaurant Staegerstuebli – Stuebli (neu)Restaurant Staegerstuebli – Stuebli (neu)

Private function!

We will be pleased to reserve our Sääli for your celebrations with family, friends or your company.

Our team will be delighted to work with you in making all the preparations to guarantee a truly memorable occasion. Give us a call.


In 1883, Mürren had 26 households and 92 inhabitants. It was supposed to be the most affluent in the whole valley, which maintained 110 cows through the winter. Gimmelwald had 18 households with 72 inhabitants and maintained 118 cows through the winter.

Wine, games, coffee and tobacco unknown!

Restaurant Staegerstuebli – Stuebli (alt)